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Christopher L. Halsey

Quality. Integrity. Foresight.

A dedicated and insightful graphic designer with 15 years experience in advertising, marketing, photojournalism, broadcasting and multimedia work, Christopher L. Halsey is a talented artist, concise communicator and gifted conceptualist.

Halsey began his creative career in 1994 as a Photojournalist for the United States Navy. During his 14-year tenure, both as an active duty member and later as a Navy Reservist, he published over 300 photo features and over 500 publication layouts.

In 2000, Halsey began with a four-year stint with the Orange County Business Journal in their advertising and marketing department. There, his creative skills played an integral part in the organization’s overall success, with complete responsibility for the design of flyers, sales materials and supplement/special issue covers.

Halsey graduated Cum Laude from California State University Fullerton in 2004 with a B.F.A. in Art/Graphic Design. From there, he quickly established himself as a freelance professional through The Creative Group’s Irvine office, helping several reputable Southern California businesses with their marketing and print materials.

Six months later, in early 2005, Halsey established the Manager of Creative Services position at Pull’R Holding Company LLC. This multi-faceted position allowed Halsey to delve deep into all areas of creative process, including the overall management of three leading Pull’R brands. From packaging to merchandising, websites to multimedia, Halsey’s artistic vision and efforts helped drive the organization as a whole.

In 2007, he became the Marketing Coordinator for Sperry Van Ness, where he oversaw the development of all their collateral materials and signage. In his most recent endeavor, Halsey established the Creative Services Division for Hero Nutritionals LLC, makers of Yummi Bears - the original gummy vitamin.

Today, he resides in the Fullerton, CA area as freelance creative professional for hire.

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