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Harness our curated logo design community with a Pro account. Privacy and White label tools are included at no additional cost.

for Agencies, Firms, & Studios

Amplify your Agency's capabilities with a Pro Account

Do you have the resources to handle multiple logo projects on short notice? Enhance and expand your capabilities with our global design community. Many of the best logos on our platform are produced by the hundreds of Agencies that have utilized LogoTournament like a precision tool.

Protect your privacy and that of your client

Pro Accounts include a $50 Privacy upgrade in every contest, free of charge. Only qualified designers will be able to view your contests. Your explicit permission is required for a winning designer to display the logo in their portfolio. High volume accounts can save hundreds to thousands per year.

Easily present to your client with White Label Tools

Your privacy as an Agency is our priority. We offer three different ways to present to your client:
Web Presentation (White Label)
Select your favorite logos, and present them on a private domain with your own branding. Clients can easily provide feedback.
PDF Presentation
With a few clicks you will be able to curate your top selections, and generate a PDF. We offer numerous options to customize the document with your branding, type, and labelling options.
Entry Download
Quickly select your favorite logos, and then download them in an organized package. Ideal for dropping entries in an app or presentation.

Put your budget towards design, not excessive fees

Like most platforms we include our fees in our prize packages, which are currently at 21-25%. Other platforms can charge upward of 50% in all combined fees. In addition many platforms charge hundreds of dollars in annual fees for their Pro option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?
Anyone who is responsible for developing logos & brands on a regular basis.
How do I get a Pro account for my Agency, Firm, or Studio?
Once you have launched 5 contests—your account will automatically be designated as PRO.
Do Agencies inform their end clients that they are using LogoTournament?
Yes and no. One set of agencies will make their clients fully aware that they are working with us. They frame their services as a value added multiplier, with the end result being greater than the sum of the costs. Other agencies prefer to keep the magic behind a curtain, and we offer Privacy by default for that scenario.
Do I have to hold a certain amount of contests to maintain my Pro account?
Once you qualify, you can utilize your Pro account as much, or as little, as you want.
Are there signup or maintenance fees?
There are no fees or extra costs. We value the recurring nature of your business—and want to provide a very strong offer to reflect that.
Start your next logo now
Contests start at $275 and include a money-back guarantee.

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