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United States

What We Do

Our inn is a recently revitalized / modernized traditional Bed and Breakfast inn with a full breakfast. Our guests (customers) are a blend of more traditional B&B goers and more modern vacationers.


Travel & Hospitality

Color Preferences

Colors have already been selected.
Primary = Dark Red PMS 209C (RGB 111.38.61)
Secondary, (the current Green used at our sister property) PMS 626C , and RGB equivalent)

All colors are CMYK reproducible and have RGB equivalents.

All color usage must be easily reproduced in pure B&W or minimal gray scale. Must NOT use too many gradients or color transitions. NO 3D effects please. Prefer no shading or gradients, or very very limited use of it. Prefer easy to emboss / deboss and turn into physical 3d objects like signs, leather goods/keychains, etc.

Our Ideas and Additional Information:

Our concept is for an generally oval shaped medallion, but we will entertain other shapes compatible with existing "portfolio" of one sister company/inn logo. (Quiet Creek Inn, logo attached, style sheet attached).

***Must use same font (not necessarily same arrangement or outlining, etc) per stylesheet. Artists should try to stylistically tie the two logos with similarities (ie outlining of the emblem, possibly the river 'swish' above the 'Quiet Creek Inn' text, since both sit on the same river), if possible. However we don't want the logos two identical or too similar (ie avoid using exact same shape and design)

In our concept it is VERY EASY to read the name, which is in clear font and wraps around any art on the outside. (very bad concept attached, sorry, that's why you are artists and I am not).

*** UPDATE: Please ensure at least "STRAWBERRY CREEK" is easy to read and in large font. you can do variations on "STRAWBERRY CREEK INN" or "STRAWBERRY CREEK INN B&B" as the full name with emphasis on STRAWBERRY CREEK or STRAWBERRY CREEK INN.

We have several ideas of what is actually inside the medallion, ranging from the traditional (as the interim logo shows, and the original line art and EPS art file are attached), to a modernization of this. Here is a progression of logos in history:
1. the line art, attached, was originally very detailed and often had cursive or complex font to show the name, circa 1980s.
2. A slight modernization occurred in 2000s when the prior business owners created "mugs" and had the logo art modernized, but the text was still hard to read (two artworks of the MUGs shown).
3. Current owners (us), used the 2000s old mug art to create a medallion with clear text underneath using the correct colors... this is the INTERIM logo attached.

We're looking to get something more modern but that uses all OR SOME of the line art and prior historical artwork, that captures the essence of "modern country elegance and tradition" of a bed and breakfast... but this is not your grandma's B&B. See our facebook page (bottom left of homepage ) for upgrades on the look and feel of the inn furnishings, grounds, etc to get a feel for the guest experience and product.

***UPDATE: Please note that we've been getting some prelim designs that use the old (very detailed) line art which we provided the EPS for. While the designs are great we feel that this historic artwork is TOO DETAILED. Please use this as inspiration only to derfive and create new artwork. You may re-use the "mug" artwork, although the ideal design will either reinterpret that artwork OR use portions of it in their final design.
*** It is key that the logo in its entirety be legible and any artwork be visible from further away... it will be reproduced in large size for a road sign and also embroidered / embossed onto clothing and merchandise so it cannot be too detailed.

We are many times repeat LogoTournament users excited about revitalizing this new business of ours... a new logo is overdue. Thank you all, and here's to a great logo !



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United States
Hello designers and WELCOME!
We're seeing some great artwork and ideas so far! in the first 18 hours your work has allowed us to refine the brief (look for "***" and 'UPDATE' in the last section).

Specifically, while the submitted designs using our historic line artwork is GREAT, we're feeling strongly that this should only serve as INSPIRATION for newer more modern artwork. The most detail we want is like the mug logo artwork (files with 'mug' in them) but even this may be too detailed. Please use as inspiration to create or modernize the line art to something simpler and easier to read from a distance (think road sign or embroidered bathrobe), as too much detail means the art is lost.

Also, please do use the same font (Twentieth Century MT, condensed bold) as your baseline. We understand you may need to adjust it to fit your artwork but at this time we don't we believe the two brands must be tied together with at least the same base font.

Thank you!
8 days ago
United States
An update from the first 24 hours of the contest... WOW we have some amazing talent participating and THANK YOU ALL for joining.

Ok, here's what we've learned so far:

While we started with a horizontal oval shape in our mind, we're now starting to see/envision different shapes of medallions, new and unique shapes that create a sister/brother logo the the Quiet Creek Inn brand, but without being identical. How about a 5 sided medallion? what about a parallelogram? '/=/' These two shapes are now fair game for all designers (no one has created either, yet).

We think the winning entry will have a balance of modern shape and font usage and simplified original artwork (inside the medallion) that pays homage to our older line art and etchings.

PS. Don't give up on the oval yet... it is a powerful shape so be sure to include it along with your other more unique shapes!
8 days ago
United States
CLARIFICATION on shapes --
any shapes witch have corners should have ROUNDED CORNERS please, both as it's more organic, and to better fit in the 'series' of it's sister inn Quiet Creek Inn.
8 days ago
United States
Day 3, and THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who has joined!!!
Wow, we have some amazing top artists, and are excited to see everyone's great work.

some things have come up that we wanted to share with all contestants -CLARIFICATIONS:
1) use of the 'stars' (*) is not required. Actually, we're not too thrilled about stars useage in most cases (it does work on some) due the possible connotation or mispreception issues... hotels have stars so what does a star or stars mean on the logo? sorry about that as I used the * asterisk as a spacer in my concept art, not to imply star but just an artistic item such as a leaf, strawberry, squiggle, etc.
2) White space - around the logo. We ask that the winning artist please produce a final artwork with a white outline such that when placed against a dark or contrasting background, the logo will not blend into the background. You don't need to present or show versions of this until the final selection round, but just bear in mind.
3) White space in your uploads; LT systems are presenting all logos on a uniform sized rectangle, and some logos appear tiny. Please do what you can to minimize the amount of white space in your submissions, so your logo can shine! (and we don't have to squint!).

Lastly for the day, a reminder that the winning logo will probably have its own original, simplified, bold line artwork reinterpretation of the historic one.

Congrats to all the contestants, and if you are reading this for the first time, there's still time to join!
6 days, 8 hours ago
United States
Good morning everyone!

Last few hours of the contest Blind phase; I'll be reaching to each of you with any minor tweaks.

Thank you all for your submissions and work!
5 days, 9 hours ago
United States
Good evening everyone, and CONGRATULATIONS to all our talented artists! thank you all for your work!!!

A super congrats goes to all the finalists out there!

From this point, we are asking all artists to please upload on a black background and ensure your artwork has a thick line of WHITE around its exterior.
4 days, 22 hours ago
United States
Good evening everyone.
Well we're back up after a roller-coaster ride with our internet service being turned on/off and on again several times during the day. I suppose it's for a good cause since we're now 400+ Mbps! not bad for a mountain town.

I will be reviewing and ranking everyone's submissions from the past 18 hours in the next hour or so. We're in the final stretch!

Thanks everyone
4 days ago
United States
Good morning everyone; last day of the finalists selection.

COMPLAINERS DONT GET POINTS (or win contests) --
So I woke up this morning to find one of my top finalists withdrawn; at first I thought it was me... did I click something by mistake on my phone when I was looking at designs late last night? did I do say something wrong to the artist.

NO. Apparently one of the other artists complained that they had "copied" their design, by simply using WHITE LINES.

Now, I'm pretty sure I know who it was and I can tell you that this little trick in the last few hours won't work on me. Been there, seen that! That artist just lost points.

More importantly, I gave many artists direction, both in comments here, in brief updates, AND in the individual comments that I wanted white lines added, whether around, or inside the line art, as well as overall simplification and SEPARATION OF COLORS so that the red/green are not touching.

I realize all artists are very possessive of their creations, and rightly so.. but this smells of a low blow. Let's all be civil and not go pointing fingers. This is the ugly dark side of LT that I don't like.

Thank you to all the other artists for taking the 'High Road' and good luck!
3 days, 8 hours ago
United States
UPDATE ON COMPLAINER - can you please withdraw your complaint?

Since all the line art was ours, and as per my earlier post this morning all the requirements / specs to simplify was mine through very active participation as a group and with each artist, no individual artist can claim rights to the design elements already present. Sure, if you came up with an original design (rather than working from a baseline) as some artists who withdrew did (using the hotel bell, pineapple or door), then yes. but not in this case.

In the spirit of good competition, I'm asking the artist who complained in this instance to please withdraw the complaints to allow everyone to participate.

Currently, the top 5 are ranked in an order that can fluctuate until we will deliberate on selecting a final winner.

Thank you and continue the good work!
3 days, 8 hours ago