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My name is Savo Mišić. I am 32 years old, self learned graphic
designer with great sense for beautiful, space and shapes.
My formal education doesn’t have anything to do with what I
am doing now. Finished High school for Electrical technician of
Audio & Video devices, but didn’t see myself working in that
line of work.
After high school I’ve started working in a screen printing
shop and that is where I first got in touch with graphic design.
Computer programs for graphic design in combination with
my love for drawing, which I had ever since I was kid, sparked
the flame of my creativity. That was the moment I knew what
is going to be my job for the rest of my working life.
Last 8 years I’ve spent perfecting my skills in graphic design
working as a freelancer on various web sites and working with
several printing shops locally.

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