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John has been an independent designer since 1996. Working with design firms such as Winnipesauke Printing, Campbell Design Studio, and using his own credentials, he has established himself as a workhorse in the graphic design community. He specializes in logo and print design as well as full redesign projects and new brand implementations. Using a wide range of design products (Adobe, Quark, Flash, Corel, and 3dS max among many others) he is able to satisfy nearly any concepts our clients may pursue. Also, having worked in various service based industries, he has a firm grasp on how to reach out to various personality archetypes in order to expand our clients market base.
"My passion is in creation, whether it is in ideas or in design work. I take the viewpoint of my customers and throw my artistic and creative license into the mix, and hopefully both my client and my personal satisfaction is met. I get excited at the prospect of implementing my creativity into the projects I undertake."

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