Send me a PM if you are interested in my design services, remember you'll need business cards for those new logos.
I am a Mexican third culture kid, who grew up around the Americas. I've experienced several cultures and countries (such as Trinidad, Brazil and several areas of Mexico) because we moved around so much. Grew up attending American Schools there for my English is practically perfect. I also speak of course, Spanish and Portuguese.

Since I was a child everyone could tell that I would end up being some kind of graphic artist, I have been making my own stationary (envelopes included) since I can remember. I learned HTML when I was 14, but have a soft spot for designing identities (Branding, logos, etc).

I have been a freelance designer for almost 8 years now. I have a Bachelors in Digital Graphic Design.

My favorite thing about design is seeing the overall process, how a simple concept can evolve and become something you might not have pictured when you began, and yet be exactly what you needed and intended it to be.

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