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I have been living in San DIego, CA most of my life. I'm 33 and have been doing graphic arts/design work for about 10 years on computer. Before that, I was mainly interested in sculpture and pottery (in school mostly). I am divorced and living a good life making the best out of my talents as I can. I work part time for a model car/truck after market part manufacturer as their website/graphics guy. See them here: These are more than models and are specifically designed to race off road. I test parts and race these cars/trucks as a representative of the company, making rounds throughout the year at off road race tracks throughout southern California.

Other than that, I really enjoy this site, as I am very new here, but not new to these design contests. This site is by far the best format and very well organized. I am going to continue to do these logo/branding contest as much as I can, because they really exercise my skills as a designer and listener :-)

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