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Hello there. Are you a Client looking to get the perfect logo for your business? Great! Know this: *you* are very important to the process around here. That's right -- your active participation is perhaps the single greatest factor influencing the success rate of your own contest. It's not about number of entries received, or even the number of Designers who participate in your contest. It's all :)


What's "active participation"...? It's when you actively rank our designs, provide feedback on our work....and perhaps most importantly: it's when you reference examples of logos you like for us to understand you better. It's you being active in the process of your contest. :)


We Designers only have a limited amount of time to get to know you here. That's how it is in the crowdsourcing world; a very tight schedule. So the more information you provide about your tastes in logo design through "examples"....and the more active you are in your contest -- in the way of daily ranking and providing private feedback to Designers -- the greater the chance is that your contest will be successful. And when your contest is successful, your logo is a success as well. :)


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