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PrescribeHire has selected their winning logo design.

For $300 they received 110 designs from 20 different designers from around the world.

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Logo Designer
Used magnifying glass to represent your search into applicant's backgrounds and the nurse's hat to represent your target audience and company name. Modified one of your slogan's to go along with graphic concept.

I would appreciate any feedback you can provide. Thanks!

(This comment references Entry #40)
14 years ago
wondering why you called out the "i" separately.

Like the potential of inexpensive two color logo, and the creativity of combination of symbols for screening/search and the medical symbols. Is there anything similar

Your Cure to Applicant Background Checks not quite sure of.
Your Cure to Applicant Screening perhaps or if I get Tracking, Tracking & Screening.

Can you make the 'Hire" all one color perhaps? Incorporate other colors? I am leaning towards more usage of the blue & orange it seems from initial ones I've seen, or what color combo you think works best to stand out.
14 years ago
Logo Designer
Thanks for your feedback! Here is a new design with the word "Hire" all in one color, the two shades of orange provided in your web example. Also, replaced the tag-line with the one you suggested.

In regards to the letter "i" being a different color in my original design, I was trying to use the "i" as representation for a person, but I guess it didn't come across that way :)

Let me know if there are any other changes you would like. Thanks again for your feedback, kmdesign.

(This comment references Entry #69)
14 years ago
Logo Designer
Another concept that uses a business tie (represents the applicant's who background is being screened) to form part of the medical symbol (represents your target audience and company name). Please let me know if you have any changes or feedback.


(This comment references Entry #77)
14 years ago
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