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Por Mua has selected their winning logo design.

For $475 they received 381 designs from 53 different designers from around the world.

Logo Design Brief

Beauty made personal
What We Do
Por Mua is a 1st of a kind online beauty market place (Website and App). It enables subscribers to receive unique educational beauty content and buy makeup looks that are tailor-made for them by professional makeup artists. The platform enables subscribers to choose and buy personalised looks designed for specific occasions, such as for general day use, night use, interviews, parties or events, etc. Our new approach makes beauty more authentic and personal, based upon the subscriber’s unique identity.

Por Mua will therefore enable the creation of personalised looks for all subscribers of all genders, colours, face and skin types. The target market will be 60% Gen Z (8- 26 yrs) and 40% Millennials (27-40 yrs).
Color Preferences
We have made suggestions around the colour palette in the attached brief. But in general, we were thinking about using a strong lipstick shade as a base colour such as Pink (#E0467C or #F20079), Orange (#FF3F12), A Coral Red (#FF4040) or maybe a purple (#B377B7 or stronger). In the brief, we have suggested possible swatches with matching shades to use in a two-tone or three-tone combination. The colours we are targetting need to be fun, bold, modern and powerful.
Our Ideas & Additional Information
1. A logo using the name of the company with a separate creative Icon (ideally makeup-related). This Icon could be to the left of the name, or between the words “Por” and “Mua”, or above it.

2. A two-tone logo using just the company name “Por Mua” (choice of font here is key) on a strong lipstick colour base (this would more likely be a two-tone approach).

3. A logo using the name of the company with an Icon added (possibly above the name) that is a creative play on the initials “PM”. This can then be used for Instagram, other apps and enables us to simplify the name and logo when needed.
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If you choose to use a cursive, script or handwriting font for your design, then please can you make sure that the letter "r" is completely defined and recognisable as a letter "r". That said, we do not like fonts that are too traditional or classic, so please try to avoid Serif fonts.
2 years ago
We are interested to see some logo versions that integrate an icon that uses or references makeup or makeup looks in some way. So maybe using makeup brushes, or lipsticks, eyeliner, powder etc., in a simple, minimal and creative way together with the logo text. This is just to give it an added link to the fact that the business is about makeup and creating makeup looks.
2 years ago
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