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Logo Design Brief

United States
What We Do
I work with kids ages 18 months to 18 years...
Target Audience: Parents of kids with special needs, Parents of homeschoolers, Teachers, Speech Language Pathologist, Educational Therapists, Kids. Brand/Services: Speech, Language, Literacy (reading, spelling), Math, Handwriting. Basically I get kiddos who have limited communication skills..I get them talking but also they typically struggle later in life with reading, spelling, math, handwriting and learning. Most of my clients need things to "make sense" have that ah-ha moment...body based learning...not just memorize. I often tell clients "lets get our picture for that (meaning...they may look up as they remember what we worked on at a concrete / hands on way as they learn to generalize the skill) or I might work with a child who I need to follow their light..follow their interests in order to get them learning. My clients are dyslexic, autistic, speech / language delays. I hope to start an online business as well (in addition to my one on one services) where families can access videos and PDFs of my lessons to help them learn the following skills: articulation/speech (kids that say "wabit" for "rabbit"), language delays (kids that only have a few words and don't speak in sentences), literacy (reading, spelling)..dyslexic kids who struggle to read and spell, writing (kids who reverse letters and have difficulty writing letters that are legible), math (many kids (my kids included who I homeschool) struggle with math...they can't memorize. They need to be taught with blocks and color coding to get their picture of what the numbers represent...we can then fade the color coding and blocks and have students know their math facts, but it has to be taught from a body based place...having their picture first before they answer. So my services are therapy (speech language pathology) meets education (educational therapy) for kids that struggle in school. Many of these kinds of kids get homeschooled because the schools are so broken and have trouble serving these type of kids. I'm not sure if I should name it Lights on learning or lights on learning academy. I have bought both domain names. I will continue providing my one on one services to families both in person and online but I plan to record my lessons and share my knowledge base with people online / on demand / recorded. Kids may watch some of those videos, some videos will be for parents, teachers or other therapists so they can learn more about topics like "does my child have autism" does my child have dyslexia, etc. I like warm, inviting and vibrant colors. I like old vintage look (40s/50s)...I like old western look as well (like 40's 50s western). I don't want anything that is your typical "preschool" type look that you may see on many teacher type sites. I like clever type logos too. My current logo is "that speech lady" with a western theme 50s gal which I really like, but I need something that isn't just "speech." I do wear these cat eyed glasses frequently, so perhaps that can be part of my brand since I wear the glasses all the time. My current logo can be found here I do like my current logo but the name "that speech lady" doesn't work any more.
Color Preferences
I like warm and vibrant colors. I love beach type colors. I also love 40s 50s type vintage vibe. I also like 40s 50s western type vintage
Definitely Yellow :)
and open to all others.
Our Ideas & Additional Information
get creative :)
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