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Karat has selected their winning logo design.

For $475 they received 609 designs from 82 different designers from around the world.

Logo Design Brief

United States
24 Karat Gold Pre-Roll
What We Do
Arizona's first and only 24-karat pre-roll for sophisticated consumers looking to draw attention to themselves, shine, and gloat. There are two demographics for this brand.
1. Someone who likes to be seen, the finer things in life, and who isn't afraid to spend extra money for the glitz and glam. This person is a businessman or woman, wearing a Rolex and driving a Mercedes.
2. This person is a celebrity, maybe a football star that shows off their wealth with gold chains, grillz, and flashy brand name items. Showing the rest of the world they've made it!

This product is a high-dollar pre-roll for consumers who can afford more, so we want the logo to be classy, sophisticated, and flashy.
Color Preferences
Gold - shiny gold, this will likely be printed with gold foil
Royal blue - deep dark velvet blue, when printed this part will likely matte
Black or white as a third option
Our Ideas & Additional Information
We have already created a logo for this brand, please see attached. We're not completely happy with it, as it's very busy and says 1920's not luxury brand.

We're looking for a brand that screams luxury; please see the attached examples of Louis Vuitton, Harry Winston, Cartier, Rolex, etc.
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