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Imago has selected their winning logo design.

For $675 they received 479 designs from 82 different designers from around the world.

Logo Design Brief

United States
What We Do
Textile manufacturing company that provides screen printing, embroidery, labels, patches etc for businesses, events, companies. Imago means Image in Latin. The mantra is to help build or supply other companies "image" by using textile products. Furthermore, the logo could be "Imago" or "Imago Supply". We are open to seeing both names during logo development.
Color Preferences
I am hoping for the colors to be white, black, or grey
Our Ideas & Additional Information
Imago also relates to my own personal interests. I am a radiologist in training and look at black and white images on a daily basis. Therefore, the primary colors of white, grey, and black to represent initial colors in imaging as well as contrast that is used in imaging/how we view images in radiology.

As far as the general feel, I really want it to have a streetwear brand feel that is simple and clean with maybe the slightest subtle aspect relating to radiology. However, I do not want the radiology aspect to be overwhelming as it is already being portrayed in the colors of the logo.

I will more than likely also be selling products directly as a retail brand directly to consumers in the future, which is why I would like the logo to be clean, simple and something that could be placed any many different products that individuals would wear.

I had one small logo created already, which is attached, but felt that it needed something else. I do like the cleanliness of the logo and am using it as reference. I am ok with altering or not using at all.
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Thank you all for the great logos so far. Some of the logos that have caught my eye the most have utilized a small logo above the font, but all of them are great and will make this process difficult!
3 years ago
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