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I began my career in graphic design and spent several years working in the field. And then, as I saw the internet mature and all the options it offered, I realized there was a larger canvas on which I could display my work. As a result, I felt that I could pivot to product design and apply some of my interaction design talents from that business to help me advance in my product design career.
Working for a startup was one of my first product design jobs, and it was a fantastic opportunity because it gave me the ability to work my way through the entire product pipeline, from research to product launch. So I got to wear a lot of various hats and collaborate with a lot of different people outside of my product design field, such as engineers and project managers, so it was a fantastic opportunity to test all of these different things while also learning the skill of product design in depth and because I was the company's lone product designer at the time, I was also in charge of branding, marketing, iconography, and pretty much everything else. I came in with some of the necessary abilities, but I acquired a lot on the job simply by working and cooperating with others.
Along the way, I picked up on the procedure. The more websites I visited or the more things I ordered, the more I understood about the process and became more at ease. It was thrilling to finally see a product that we had been working on for so long come to fruition. Receiving feedback from users on the product I'd built was also quite fulfilling.

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