1968 ... .grandissimo year, I was born in Milan.
I attended "The Cova" school furniture.
Later I started graphic at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan, and in the meantime I have worked with several design studios.
Then I realized that my real passion was, painting and drawing. I have so changed address through the course of illustration. Finally my life has taken the right path, illustrations and decorations.
In recent years I have developed a passion for the resins with which I create explosions of color.

In the field of Eros, I realized dishes erotic Malco, for Rizzoli and News 2000 I designed the inserts with the erotic secrets of celebrities, while Sperling I designed the covers of their line spicy humor.
The life of an illustrator is very diverse. My happiness is to start every day with a new idea.
In the digital age, including programs for editing and graphics tablets could never abandon the classic pencil.
It all begins with you, every idea before becoming reality starts from a sketch and then come to life in a thousand colors real and virtual ....

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