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Rick Shaffer attended art school and completed Visual Communications classes in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Rick is constantly on the cutting edge of "what's new" as he attends acclaimed digital design, advertising and marketing seminars, as well as continues his education. He routinely speaks about the refinements of branding and design to enlighten business peers about the benefits of consistent advertising. Rick has crafted an extensive career in design, winning numerous awards and is respected locally as an entrepreneur. Creativity runs through his veins, with an eye for perfection and a work ethic second to none.

Rick Shaffer is a tried and true craftsman in creative design, Logo creation, Web development and has executed countless internet projects. Rick's experience dates back to the dawn of the era, working at one of the first multimedia firms in Cleveland, Ohio. Living and breathing life into a unique communication style, Rick always considers the best and innovative ideas for his robust list of clients and customers.

Proud to be born and raised in the Cleveland area, Rick is a lifelong Cleveland sports fan. Outside of his creative studio, Rick is a music buff, enjoys the beaches of Lake Erie and keeps an active lifestyle with his family. One of Rick's newest endeavors has been designing and constructing a new line of furniture.

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