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I am a passionate, senior designer with sound experience in print and digital design as well as a demonstrated history of working in the apparel industry. I started off in the offset printing trade as a printer and finisher, where I became more and more interested in the design side of things. About a year later I moved to Canada with my family and began a four year course towards my BFA, majoring in New Media. It was an extremely broad course, focusing on several creative disciplines, but in the end I decided graphic design was what I was most passionate about. I worked for the company where I interned for about a year and then decided to move to New Zealand, where I spent eleven amazing years. After a bumpy start, I finally landed long-term contracting position which just kept getting extended. Then that seemed to lead me into the life of a freelancer for the next few years to come, working with the leading ad agencies in Auckland and Wellington, across multiple brands and sectors. For the last two and a half years in Auckland I worked for Icebreaker as the Global Digital Designer, this was a great opportunity for me to really hone my digital skills, having come from mostly a design for print background. The area I'm really interested in developing now is image retouching and getting better at that.

I’m more of a doer rather than a talker and I’m very adaptable. In my private life I have a penchant for fancy dress and becoming addicted to Netflix series (usually UK police dramas). I love to cook (well, more the prep and presentation part than the actual cooking), play badminton and travel/explore. In my spare time I like to build and restore wooden furniture and create funny character videos for social media.

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