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I'm a freelance graphic designer, consultant and visual artist with over 18 years commercial design experience. Based in Thessaloniki (Greece), I regularly with a number of multi media agencies and regular clients throughout the mainland.

As a designer I have worked on several projects. My intentions are to communicate to the viewers, my clients brand and identity through design. Everytime I design, I try to captivate my viewers through unique design methods and practices. I am extremely motivated, creative, and focused. I try to invision the task at hand before the design is implemented and then focus on how I can make it unique and original.

Highly organized, I maintain a professional bearing, converse easily with management and clients, and, while managing multiple projects, consistently meet deadlines, budgets and project goals. I possess excellent communication skills plus staff and project management abilities. I work well in a team environment, as well as independently, and always maintain good interpersonal rapport.

Adept digital artist able to research, design and manage the development of multi-media marketing and advertising collateral for print and online promotions

My creative capabilities encompass full color print production and advertisement design, Web site conceptual design, SEO, and online ad development, logotype and symbol design, imprint and embroidery design, illustration, typography and photography.

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