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Elephant Security

Elephant Security

What we do: provide training for individuals to better handle their digital security and projects to improve their security. There are four aspects (elephant legs) we focus on: 1) password management 2) reliable internet/WiFi 3) protecting their data through backups/virus checking 4) teaching the customer about privacy and digital security Target audience: wealthy individuals in the Southern California, USA market that care about doing work up front to make sure their digital life is in order and that they are handling things securely. They are not very technical but they've heard stories about people getting "hacked" or information about them getting leaked in a data breach and it concerns them. They want to do something about that and to understand it to know if they are at risk from it. And they want to reduce their risk. I had a similar business 12 years ago and most of the clients that paid for similar services for my work were either solo entrepreneur men working out of their home in a business they owned or one that allowed them to work from home. The other type of client was a wealthy family where the mother of the family managed everything in the house - including their technology and her own technology. Her and their husband wanted it to work well and she was managing the project to get it working well. I want to attract clients that are willing to put the work in up front to have a secure system. Lots of people wait until they have problems and then they call in some tech help. I want to do it on the front end. I just saw this says to explain it in one sentence...really? Too late for that. Either way, hopefully this helps describe them.