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ExecuBusiness Centers

ExecuBusiness Centers

We rent individual offices to small businesses who are just starting or need a bigger presence. Our space includes: Office + Furniture + Internet + Phone + Conference Rooms + IT and Admin Support + Receptionists + more perks. We rent to start ups, small business, and even corporate clients. We are family owned and operated so we give clients a quality of service that competitors can't live up to. Our business classification is "real estate" but it's more complicated than that. We are not home real estate or traditional commercial real estate. We rent 120-250 square feet all inclusive offices one at a time (sometimes multiple offices to one client). **Nearby terms that relate to us: "executive suites, coworking, shared workspace, offices for rent, furnished offices, key man offices, etc."** It is very important to us for the designer to understand the details of what we do as a business to create a relevant. We are like apartments for businesses in a sense. It can be confusing as most people aren't even aware such an industry exists. Please see below for particular instructions + ExecuBusiness is one word + We operate in a 3 story commercial building + We are family owned + Professional but not stuffy corporate feel + We cater to small businesses + Small businesses grow inside our center - no Skyscraper icons please (we aren't in a tall building) - no Home, Residential, Roof or other icons depictions - no Check Marks - no Arcs from X to I - no Neck Ties - no Arrow icons between E and X (too much like FedEx) Check us out at: We are similar to the following companies: and

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