Hello, my name is Glen. These design you guys and girls are going to help me turn what's in my head into products and allow me to embark on my adventures in lifestyle design! I am a guy who tends to find himself on new adventures as often as possible. When the year ahead begins to look a little too much like the year just gone, it’s time to check the map and chart a new course. With over 55 countries in my passport and more to come, I can’t hide the fact that I consider the world my home. While exploring all the different rooms is what inspires me, business, lifestyle design and social entrepreneurship is what drives me. After starting my first business at 15, I discovered early that the lifestyle of an entrepreneur, even a struggling one, appealed to me. Later, when I was 21, was born. Daniel Priestley (one of my great friends) and I took what started as a kitchen table promotion company (we were promoting seminars and events, not kitchen tables) to over $1M in sales in the first 12 months and $10M in her first 4 years. As she grew I took on the role of CEO (although we wanted to maintain a pretty flat management structure) and expanding into the UK and now have an office in Singapore. With the co-operation of an inspired team, Triumphant Events has become known by insiders in over 20 countries as a world-class boutique events company. Toot Toot! In the dawn of 2009, after 7 years growing with Triumphant, I made the decision to change direction and find a new adventure, and a new project to dedicate myself to. Although it meant leaving my friends, teammates and a company I owned and helped build from the ground up, this little voice in the back of my head just kept calling me to action. So, now that I am hearing voices, does that mean that I am going to sit on a beach for the next year writing my memoirs? No. Global Roaming and Adventures in Lifestyle Design has a cooler ring to it I think. After reading Tim Ferrisss book The 4 Hour Work Week, I decided that for at least 12 months, I would dedicate myself to conducting my own experiments in Lifestyle Design while traveling this planet and getting myself into trouble (fun!). Project Number 1 is to transform all of the stuff I have in my head regarding sales (my specialty) into products. I love brand, but I can't design for my life. I do however know what I like, and every now and again have been known to 'shape' some pretty good ideas. Anything I can do to help you win, let me know. Rock on.
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