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Unhung Art has selected their winning logo design.

For $475 they received 393 designs from 45 different designers from around the world.

Logo Design Brief

United Kingdom
What We Do
Sells original artwork from award winning artists that didn't find a home first time around and is now being offered for sale anonymously so that the artist can still sell their other work for a higher price in galleries and continue their gallery affiliations.
Color Preferences
yellow, orange, grey, blue

Also open to black or purple
Our Ideas & Additional Information
The brand is classy, modern, forward thinking, sustainable and stylish but also fun - buying contemporary art should be fun! But it is an investment because it is being bought from an award winning artist so the brand / logo should reflect that - sometimes the art will be expensive but it is always a good deal, always fun and always a lovely way to add colour and life to your home. Ideally we need a logo and a word mark I think. Currently the logo is pale blue and I think this gets lost against the website and the work that is on there as it is the same colour as sky in many landscape paintings. We need something with a bit more energy but doesn't necessarily clash with the paintings, is identifiable and gives us presence on social media and our website. Worth remembering that the artist stays anonymous until the sale is completed so there is a bit of mystery there too. Thank you
Style Inspiration
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