Tributary Landscape Architecture Logo Design Contest

Tributary Landscape Architecture has selected their winning logo design.

For $475 they received 330 designs from 49 different designers from around the world.
Logo Design Brief
United States

What We Do

Landscape Architecture Firm



Color Preferences

These are combos we like
1. Dark Blues / Brighter Greens
2. Blues and Grays
3. Blue Green Gray
4. Green Gray
5. Blues and Orange Gray

Our Ideas and Additional Information:

Large Text: Tributary
Smaller Text: Landscape Architecture
1. Something using several colors. Like the Blues and Bright greens, or grays and blues.
2. Could incorporate TLA into the logo, but not necessary
3. We are a landscape architecture firm, so something clean, classic (that won't age), but modern in terms of design.
4. Logo Placement: a. Top, with text underneath or b. Left side with text to the right. Important that it can ultimately work in both ways (square or rectangular format) for our various print documents.
5. Font: Neutra Face is a font we currently own, and really like it. So either use Neutra or something similar. Our design documents are done using the NeutraText Light font.
6. Logo: more abstract and not something literal, for instance don't just do a tree, or a leaf.
7. Background: option a: White, or B. solid color for example navy blue.



Style Inspiration

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