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Tribe has selected their winning logo design.

For $475 they received 370 designs from 49 different designers from around the world.

Logo Design Brief

United States
What We Do
Tribe is a group of people that represents the idea of fluidity, peace and the importance of a community coming together for the greater good. The targeted audience are modern business professionals.
Color Preferences
Design option one - Neutral Colors: Green, Beige, Brown, White, Black

Design option two - Playful and Sleek: Orange, Green, Yellow, Red, purple, blue
Our Ideas & Additional Information
A wheel is in motion which reflects work, movement, progress and destinations. Wheels are round which represents this "circle of life" and the unity of the tribe and its fluidity.

- A community building the circle or creating something greater than themselves.

To me that represents a few things in terms of the "tribe" concept. a wheel is round so it is circular and doesn't have a start and end - this can resonate b/c he wants this tribe to be lasting for future children and generations. a wheel is symbolic of always being in motion - always moving, turning, adjusting. then there are spokes in a wheel - the spokes represent people in the "tribe" - family, friends, kids, etc.

Minimalistic: Line art and neutral tones
Bare maximum: Minimal color and more design
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Thanks everyone for all of the designs so far! There are many great ones here.
1 year ago
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