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TRG has selected their winning logo design.

For $275 they received 298 designs from 46 different designers from around the world.

Logo Design Brief

Building Outside The Box
What We Do
Refer to as we are slightly modifying our slogan / logo. We expect to make a decision within two days.

We invest and build commercial real estate. Refer to website for current logo. We don't want much change. Please keep the TRG font the same and remove Truett Realty Group as that is to be replaced with Building Outside The Box. We want to keep the same color scheme (black on white and white on black versions) and keep is very clean and simple. Thought is to put TRG inside a box (box to have a clean line around it) and the Slogan Building Outside The Box either outside the box completely or start the wording inside the box with a spacing where it finishes outside the box. Very easy exercise and looking to make a decision in two days.
Real Estate
Color Preferences
Black on white and white on black.

Perhaps incorporate a slight bit of red as we're passionate about what we do.
Our Ideas & Additional Information
Go to to get an idea of current logo

Use existing logo font for TRG and remove "- Truett Realty Group -"

We like the black on white and white on black. Perhaps incorporate a slight touch of red somewhere to demonstrate that we're passionate.

We'd like to box in the TRG and add the slogan "Building Outside The Box" likely outside the box or we can have a partial box that isn't complete and have the slogan start inside the box and end outside the box.

Please use your creativity.
Style Inspiration
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