The Floor Logo Design Contest

The Floor has selected their winning logo design.

For $275 they received 199 designs from 24 different designers from around the world.
Logo Design Brief
United States

What We Do

It's the trading floors of the US. CBOE-CBOT-PHLX-PSE-NYSE ect ect. It will used for a tv series-motion picture.



Color Preferences

If you go to youtube and type in cboe or cbot trading floor you will notice that the traders were wearing all different types of colored jackets. That will give you an idea of the colors.

Our Ideas and Additional Information:

I'm sorry I'm going to leave that up to you. I provided a great photo of the floor. One thing i know it's got to be eye catching. Provides excitement just looking at the logo.



Style Inspiration

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United States
I don’t know if everyone can see this message I’m a first timer. I need color, please look at the photo I provided. Go to YouTube and look at the traders in the crowd and there trading jackets. The craziness of being in the tracing pits. Somehow you need to convey that in a logo. Also look at the photo and look at the bottom THE FLOOR. Maybe have a background or have photos of the floor in the lettering. There are tons of photos on the internet that are not copyrighted. Free to the pubic. Thank you.
30 days ago
United States
So far no one is taking my message from above seriously. I would like in the background of the logo you present, something that has to do with either the trading pits, the traders, or the industry in general. Please go look at the photo I sent you (attachments). An example, maybe have an outline of the individual with his arms up in the air. With an outline of a few traders in front of him. Please use your imagination. Thank you.
28 days ago