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The Double Bee has selected their winning logo design.

For $475 they received 227 designs from 49 different designers from around the world.

Logo Design Brief

United States
What We Do
We make honey. Target audience is very broad.
Color Preferences
Our Ideas & Additional Information
Does not have to be like the bee I uploaded, but this is the style I like. The business is called "The Double Bee" because it's owned by a boyfriend/girlfriend couple. Their last names both start with B. It's a business they created with love. Would like two bees in the logo. They can be kissing or holding wings (like holding hands). Would like some ideas of one wearing a crown as the Queen Bee. Like line art. Like fun and cute but not too cartoon like. Would like the words "The Double Bee" to be in a san serif font I think.
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LogoTournament Staff
Hi designers. The bee the client had posted was from istock photo. I have changed the brief to reflect this so please do not come too close to it as the client doesn't own it.
11 months ago
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