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Sussman has selected their winning logo design.

For $675 they received 948 designs from 119 different designers from around the world.
Logo Design Brief
United States


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What We Do

We are an advertising agency in Detroit, Michigan USA.
We previously have been known as The Sussman Agency, but are now re-branding as simply, Sussman. Our agency is 57 years old and we focus on mainly retail business (cars, restaurants, furniture, etc.)



Color Preferences

Currently we use the colors black/red/white/gray. (I will upload) We ARE WANTING A NEW COLOR SCHEME

I really like the feeling of something that has a familiarity with the 1920s. It should feel almost "speakeasy exclusive." Bespoke. Lasting.

I'm honestly very open at this time to any/all colors

Our Ideas and Additional Information:

We thought about playing with the 3 S's in Sussman. How they can stand for 3 principles of our agency (Sales/Strategy/Success) We thought maybe they can form a free standing logo that could be next to our name. I'd like to have something that can stand alone like this to represent our agency in times where you don't need to see the full name, Sussman. For example Rolls-Royce has the 2 R's and you know it's Rolls-Royce immediately.

Other ideas are more along the lines of something that simply shows elegance, legacy, exclusive, forward-thinking, boldness, unapologetic.



Style Inspiration

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