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Staci Christie Skin & Wellness Boutique has selected their winning logo design.

For $275 they received 365 designs from 43 different designers from around the world.

Logo Design Brief

United States
What We Do
To Instill confidence and beauty by helping to create the best version of themselves.

I created my brand to be an individual
customize education format because skin is not one size fits all.

I envision a Modern version of a butterfly as a representation of transformation.

I describe myself as Chic, elegant, fun, whitty (always laughter involved in both my professional and personal life). I treat everyone from the age of 15 to 80 years old of all genders.
Color Preferences
Our Ideas & Additional Information
Modern version of Butterfly
Mix of font styles
Chic and sophisticated
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I am looking for more beauty feel rather than corporate kind of logo
1 year ago
Are you able to see each others work so I can team up with fonts or styles?
1 year ago
Logo Designer
No others can view, only contest holder can view every design
1 year ago
Logo Designer

Clarification the first phase is blind, designer cannot see each other work. When the contest move to th e2nd phase Finalist then we can see each others work. Here is the issue with you other request...see below

You should not be asking designer to copy other designers work, including font choices. Please contact support for more clarification on this.

1 year ago
Understood, just wanted to see if you can see each other or not. Not trying to have someone copy anything. Just interesting/understanding the process.. Thank you - Staci
1 year ago
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