Rodent Ninja Logo Design Contest

Rodent Ninja has selected their winning logo design.

For $475 they received 186 designs from 37 different designers from around the world.
Logo Design Brief
United States

What We Do

Rodent Ninja prevents mice, snakes, and other pests from entering a homeowners' garage by sealing off the very bottom of the door when the track meets the garage floor. It's cruelty-free as it simply prevents critters from coming in vs. lethally removing them once they're inside.

The audience is residential homeowners and commercial business owners who need to prevent mice, moles, voles, critters, snakes, etc. from entering a garage space.


Home & Garden

Color Preferences

Rodent Ninja secures/protects/defends/shields/aids your garage space. In that context, trustworthy, protective colors are preferred in a more masculine delivery.

However, the logo may be marketed under the ThermoTraks brand ( family. Keeping colors that work with that logo, or at the very least do not detract, should be considered. For example,
Rodent Ninja (subscript by ThermoTraks)

Our Ideas and Additional Information:

This is the division/brand/company Rodent Ninja may be marketed under (see ThermoTraks logo png attached). Please consider this when compiling color schemes and logo layouts. However, it could be a standalone product, too, if the right logo was developed that we ended up loving.



Style Inspiration

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