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PowerV Pro has selected their winning logo design.

For $475 they received 206 designs from 45 different designers from around the world.

Logo Design Brief

United States
Power Your Dealership with The Pros
What We Do
We are a software company with our flagship product being a customer and dealer management software as a service targeting Powersports and RV dealers. Our software allows dealers to maximize profits by providing a common platform to manage the entire sales and service life cycle of a customer.
Color Preferences
Pretty open to different versions of blue, orange, purple and/or green. Would only mix 2 colors around the PowerV and then Pro so each one being a different color but open to any mix and please have full creativity.
Our Ideas & Additional Information
You’ll note the logos I picked as samples vary between a traditional high tech look and a more laid back friendly look. I’d like to see different versions of both where the more friendly/playful version maybe has powersport vehicles such as boats or Jet Skis and 4 wheelers and/or RVs as some ideas. This is software at the end of the day so the main use for this logo out of the gates in online but should also print well for booths and flyers.
Style Inspiration
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To clarify, this software is not aligned to car dealers. Only powersports and RV dealers.

2 years ago
Please don't withdraw any designs. I always put a few in the ranked column but in no particular order. I've also chosen a finalist from the 1st column so no design is ranked in any kind of manner at this point as it's subject to change based on our broader survey. Thanks!
2 years ago
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