Plattsburgh Custom Signs Logo Design Contest

Plattsburgh Custom Signs has selected their winning logo design.

For $275 they received 310 designs from 17 different designers from around the world.
Logo Design Brief
United States


Innovated and lasting solutions for all your sign needs

What We Do

We are looking for a Slogan and Logo
We have played around with:

* Innovated and lasting solutions for all your sign needs

* A sign of the times
* Your first impression starts here!
* Your signs are our passion
* Here’s your sign
* Expectation creations, your first impression starts here!
* Here’s your sign
* Exceptional solutions for all your visual messaging
* Get noticed, your first impression starts here!


Manufacturing & Wholesale

Color Preferences

Simple color scheme, I am not opposed to color as long as it clear and crisp.
Knowledge Trustworthy Calm
Royalty Wisdom Imagination
Creativity Unique Energy

We want to be up to date and show some creativity...simple but creative.

Our Ideas and Additional Information:

we are looking for suggestion and fresh ideas

Thank you everyone for such good work



Style Inspiration

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United States
I hope this is flexible in case I did something incorrectly
4 years ago
United States
I had a spelling error, Plattsburgh Custom Signs, Not Plattsburgh Customer Signs
4 years ago