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Painted Moon Film Company has selected their winning logo design.

For $275 they received 327 designs from 49 different designers from around the world.

Logo Design Brief

United States
Where European Cinema and American movies meet up, have a drink, and share a bed.
What We Do
We develop a story from idea, to page, to screen.
Color Preferences
I'm open on this.
This design will be on merchandise sich as T-shirts and such. I would like the design to work with or without color.
Our Ideas & Additional Information
This logo is for an independent film company making feature films and shorts.

After a few days of seeing some amazing designs come in, I realize that a lot of what I'm wanting is regarding the font. Not too bulky or overly bold font is my taste.
It took me seeing a lot of designs to come to this conclusion.
This is why I'm extending the blind round of the competition and raising the amount of money for the winner.
Thank you!
Style Inspiration
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