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Neighborhood Gardens Inc. has selected their winning logo design.

For $475 they received 164 designs from 18 different designers from around the world.
Logo Design Brief
United States

What We Do

We design and build edible neighborhood gardens and provide education and infrastructure for their community upkeep, with a goal towards breeding of local edible varieties, encouraging healthy “in season” eating, driving a shift to more edible landscapes, and sharing the joy of growing/sharing your own food (especially in areas with limit access to fresh fruits and vegetables)



Color Preferences

As our non profit supports gardens across multiple neighborhoods, we envision custom coloring the logo for each of the communities...

As such we desire a logo with 2-4 colors that could be easily swapped for different neighborhoods.

Our Ideas and Additional Information:

This is simply an idea but we would love to see you all be creative....

Google Image “mid century modern wallpaper”

We could imagine using something mimicking these styles that maybe has shapes related to plants/gardens.

We envision t-shirts with the logo and then “[neighborhood] Neighborhood Garden”

Oakcliff Neighborhood Garden
Lakewood Neighborhood Garden
Uptown Neighborhood Garden



Style Inspiration

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United States
We are so excited with all the great entries. Our regular schedule of review is going to be
1) Quick re-rank from 8-10AM CST
2) Comments and feedback 7-9PM CST
1 year ago
United States
General comments...

We intend to use these logos on embroidered hats/polos and for screen printing. So complexity of the concepts needs to be balanced with what is "possible" to do well with string on the front of a hat or chest of a shirt.

The feedback from our team seems to be centered around these three themes
1) Neighborhood/Community
2) Sharing
3) Gardening

- I like that it clearly calls out that "we do" plants but it doesn't get to the neighborhood aspect
- I like that it gets the neighborhood aspect, but it doesn't seem to indicate we do anything with vegetable gardens

Most of the concepts we are gravitating towards seem to do a good job of demonstrating how the logo could be "customized" by neighborhood

Thank you all for you amazing work. Such Talent!
1 year ago
United States
General Feedback for All:

We are really focusing in on the top 4 designers in the queue at the moment.... ignore the relative ratings of those designs (all four concepts are being equally considered at the moment we just need your concepts side by side in the browser)

1) Please make sure that your concept includes "Oak Cliff"
2) Pease make sure Neighborhood Gardens" is plural (s at end of "Garden")

We have a meeting scheduled to discuss these this evening and should be able to provide more feedback then. If you are one of the top 8 logos currently in queue and we have a comment or adjustment we would like to see, we have left you a comment. If you don't have one then you are good for now... feel free to leave them as it until our next round of feedback.
1 year ago