MyScorecard Logo Design Contest

MyScorecard has selected their winning logo design.

For $350 they received 97 designs from 18 different designers from around the world.

Designs by wolv






United States
Hi - thanks very much for your entry. We like the idea of the hand sketched ball, and like the balance in #52 (though perhaps if you flipped #53, and made the font look more like #52 that would be interesting). A few thoughts for you that we think would go a long way.

1) Can you put it on a white background?
2) Can you add a tee to the design, perhaps just lying next to the ball?
3) is there a variation on the font/color that you can try that would bring it more in line with the palette of some of our top choices (#19 is also a very good example)

We think that would make it quite interesting - thanks for your entry and for your efforts.
13 years ago