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MyScorecard has selected their winning logo design.

For $350 they received 97 designs from 18 different designers from around the world.

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the greens, the golf balls, the silhouette of a person in abstract grey and the golf stick. hope i got the combination right.

(This comment references Entry #7)
13 years ago
United States

Thanks for your entry - we are not sure what happened to the comments on #7 that we posted earlier, but wanted to get some more feedback to you. We moved it down slightly because there was no additional iteration, but we think this is definitely a contender.

We really like your idea of the stylized golfer. It looks a bit like grass, but we're willing to run with it. Is it possible to A) remove the tagline placeholder, B) Change the proportions to be more like entry #8, where the layout is more horizontal and the icon is to the left of the name.

We'd love to see following iterations if it's possible: A) Capitalize the MY, b) change the grey to be more blue-grey, c) Have the figure hit a ball over the name, with a small trail perhaps similar to the idea shown in #19. Thanks much for your efforts on this - Jack
13 years ago