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Miracle Rope has selected their winning logo design.

For $275 they received 71 designs from 11 different designers from around the world.

Logo Design Brief

Muscle Power Release
What We Do
The Miracle Rope is a self massage tool with associated programs designed specifically to teach athletes how to administer self massage and mobility techniques, to dissolve muscle tightness and pain, eliminate injury and boost their performance.
Color Preferences
I am not versed in matching colors for impact but to answer the question.

As the product represents knowledge, Trust and releasing tension, I feel that Blue is a good fit.

The courses are designed to elicit more energy and creativity and draw out more passion and love for exercise in people already in love with it.
Our Ideas & Additional Information
I have attached pics of the product below and a logo design I came up with, which I am not sold on but,
I would like the logo to catch the eye and evoke curiosity.
I would like the logo somehow to contain the element of a miracle taking place as well, maybe a halo?

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