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Million Dollar Team has selected their winning logo design.

For $275 they received 453 designs from 72 different designers from around the world.

Logo Design Brief

United States
What We Do
We are a soon to launch Team of Real Estate professionals, looking to serve both sellers and buyers, first in the Southeast portion of the US and then beyond. We own, but it will redirect to the “Team” page of one of our four "Million Dollar" websites,, which goes live in March. Our logo will first be used in the Greater Myrtle Beach Area (SC) real estate market and will then be rolled out to other coastal Carolina markets. We will be part of the BRG Real Estate firm, which necessitates that our logo be placed to the left or right of their logo, like at or
Real Estate
Color Preferences
Black, Blue, Green
Our Ideas & Additional Information
All three words -- Million and Dollar and Team -- are all very important. So it's hard to attempt to portray which word is more important than another word. Since we want to portray that our Team members are all "Million Dollar" quality members, as well as wanting to later open the door into serving "million dollar (actual money) sellers and buyers," with our,,, and websites, we surely want to give an air of luxury, but also of seriousness. So the three words could be stacked one above the other. Or "Million" and "Dollar" could be next to each other, with "Team" below it, possibly even in all Caps, like Our intention is to take the focus off of individual personalities and put the focus on "Million Dollar Service" and "Million Dollar Teammates," so we look forward to seeing what y'all come up with.
Style Inspiration
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These are really impressive, Designer Machine. Thank you for being so prompt. Very well done. Is there a chance to see the three words stacked, one on top of the other, with the MDT above or below the three words?

I'm gonna be running out the door for church and won't be home for a few hours. But I really appreciate your efforts here. It gives me a lot to work with. Wow!!
3 months ago
Thank you for all of the submissions. This is our first time using Logo Tournament. We did not understand that we had to give continual feedback on this incredible number of logos presented. We will attempt to give some valuable feedback in about 3 hours. Sorry for the delay. Million Dollar Team
3 months ago
We have a new logo from the brokerage we will be working with, can everyone please use these colors and try to use some elements from this design?
3 months ago
Logo Designer
Everyone cannot use these colors and elements, because your contest currently in finalists mode. It is possible, if your contest turn back in open phase.
3 months ago
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