Lindy Rae Collection Logo Design Contest

Lindy Rae Collection has selected their winning logo design.

For $275 they received 534 designs from 36 different designers from around the world.
Logo Design Brief
United States


Please remove slogan if its on a design entry. Remove “For the love of Aprons”.

What We Do

Lindy Rae Collection fills the need for anyone or any type of industry seeking an apron that is fashionable and durable. Every detail of the Lindy Rae collection is designed for long lasting comfort and functionality.



Color Preferences

Lindy - is my family's nickname for me.
Rae - My mom refers to me as a “Rae” of light that fills a room, it is not spelled “ray”
Black, Blue, White, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Light Green

Our Ideas and Additional Information:


Open to all lower case fonts for business name.

Ideas for combination fonts:

L- Use a cursive font
R- Use a cursive font
indy- Use a non cursive font
ae- Use a non cursive font

Submark with no initials, just an image.
Keep logo gender neutral.
Keep submark gender neutral.
Be sure to include a graphic element not just type face.
Eliminate slogan “for the love of aprons”.

Here are words that explain how I view Lindy Rae Collection.
Couture, confidence, important, classy, excited, beautiful, happy, cared for, versatility, quality, determined.

I like the color scheme of the picture I attached. I “don't” like busyness. I just like the different colors.



Style Inspiration

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