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JogNote has selected their winning logo design.

For $300 they received 106 designs from 17 different designers from around the world.

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Logo Designer
in order to keep the spirit but cleaning out all less important graphic detail,
i choose to minimize to the minimum of cubes as it can keep maximum readability.
titling on the side become less necessary

(This comment references Entry #17)
14 years ago
Logo Designer
here is a 2D version which can work for a maximum branding, according to Media size ratio.

Please do not hesitate to express any feedback in order to match a better understanding of your need regarding the actualization of your logotype.
I have been may be too far in the simplification.
please let me know you thoughts or critics.
thank you.

(This comment references Entry #18)
14 years ago
Thanks Oli

Thanks for the feedback, Here's a few observations:

#17 We would like to keep the cube structure as it was.
#17-#18 We think the text is a bit harder to read. Probably because of the gradients.

We would like you to take in mind that we might use the logo in two color representations.
so please do not go too fancy with 3Ding the cubes!

14 years ago
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