Jay Song Logo Design Contest

Jay Song has selected their winning logo design.

For $275 they received 138 designs from 22 different designers from around the world.
Logo Design Brief
United States

What We Do

I am creating an apparel company. The two first products will be white dresses and then lounge wear such as hoodie + joggers. The target market is for female 18-24 years old.



Color Preferences

I am trying to create a fun clothing brand for 18-24 year old females but also offer a few options for mens.


Our Ideas and Additional Information:

Some ideas:

1. Since the company name is Jay Song, having a jay bird incorporate would be fun. You could make a bird using the letters "J" and "S" or letter "J" and "Song". 2d logo.

2. Having a Jay bird and it singing out notes and the notes look like "S" "O" "N" "G".

3. Having the word written out. Can either be j. song, j song, or jay song. Open to any ideas to make it look more playful.



Style Inspiration

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