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Invyron Environmental Services has selected their winning logo design.

For $275 they received 283 designs from 34 different designers from around the world.

Logo Design Brief

United Arab Emirates
What We Do
Our services includes waste management, sewage services, supply of irrigation water, construction and demolition waste collection, refuse disposal, sanitation and similar services, nature and landscape protection services and other environmental services.

Our Target Audience:
Government Entities
Construction Industry
Waste Management Industry
Landscaping Companies
Irrigation and Plant Nurseries
Color Preferences
Environmental Colors, Nature green, Water blue, and Earth color, Eco friendly colors
Our Ideas & Additional Information
The reference logos are to give you an idea about the concept, for example the attached reference of digiteam logo - The logo icon clearly delivers the business objective, digiteam is a team collaboration mobile application.

We are very interested in our logo icon strongly reflecting the relationship and primary business domain of Invyron.
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Please refer to style inspiration-we are looking for that or better design standards.
3 years ago
Leaf can be a concept for our logo but it is not the most preferred idea. We are open to anything that relates to our business domain, leaves an impression of the brand and easily recognized.
3 years ago
The Business name is Invyron Environmental Services while the company is addressed as Invyron only. We'd prefer logos highlight the main name and the other part can be a smaller simpler font
3 years ago
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