Falls Pointe Logo Design Contest


Falls Pointe has selected their winning logo design.

For $575 they received 76 designs from 16 different designers from around the world.

Designs by molotoff

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Thank you for creativity and hard work! I like what you have going here, would like to see it a little more developed.

I like the irregular outline you have , but our State (Colorado) is a rectangle.... maybe we can use the shape of Boulder County and Use it as an outline? suggest http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boulder_County,_Colorado
Also, our favorite animals in the area are Cougar, Bear, Bald Eagle and Marmot...would you please incorporate into the 'shelf'...

Any other ideas on improvement are be welcome!

Thank you!

5 years ago
Hi Mike,

Thanks for the feedback.
#35 and #36 are the new entries.
I added some animal units (Cougar, Bear, Bald Eagle and Marmot).

I hope you'll find them OK.
5 years ago
And the variant only with two animals - the bear and the eagle - #37 & #38, because the image goes too heavy with four of them.
5 years ago