Falls Pointe Logo Design Contest


Falls Pointe has selected their winning logo design.

For $575 they received 76 designs from 16 different designers from around the world.

Designs by grafixsphere



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Thank you for all of your creativity and hard work!

like the concept, and the colors are working pretty well for me..

Would like to see more of Colorado, Pine Tree, Waterfall, and/or Mountains.

Thank you!
5 years ago
Looking very good! if we can add an animal or two, river/waterfall......

I like your eye!

5 years ago
This is my favorite at the moment! looks great... very elegant.

Looking for just a few more elements... the ridgetop is excellent, tress look great, and I like the colors.

Our area has many animals, bear,cougar, marmot, deer, cliff faces, trails, and a significant waterfall - Boulder Falls.http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rich-wolf/boulder-falls-trail-reope_b_676468.html . Hoping to incorporate without cluttering somehow....

Thank you!

5 years ago
Another thought, looking at your current design, the 'Pointe' is formed where two river canyons come together... perhaps we could add another river to come around the central mountain, and join to form the waterfall? matches the geologic features....

This is going to be awsome... :)
5 years ago
The new imagery is very nice, and thank you for taking the time to look up, but you've got me hooked on the #1 look, white on the blue/green, which is really, really nice.

What would make this perfect for us is if you can leave all the same with #1, and connect the 'rivers' around the mountain, somehow combine them above the 'PO' in Pointe, then make it look as if the waterfall disappears behind the text. Idea perhaps reappearing to pool underneath, to underline the words. Like the blue/white simple river look, water fall perhaps not complicated, we need your skill to make it look great!

Upon completion we are having our main signs made from brass plate, and the colors on #1 are perfect for acid etching.

Thank you soo much for all of your work! It's awsome.... I'm thinking we'll have our winner upon the changes requested!
5 years ago
Thank you. I'll work on this tonight. I'm still at work now.
5 years ago
Awsome! The waterfall expression looks great..

last 2 items before we can call it complete...

the 2nd river on the far left doesn't quite match the terrain, could it go back to the orig. look please?

Might be too cluttered, need your opinion, but how about 2-3 'little' deer on the hill to express a family?
5 years ago
another thought, as we're making this into a gate sign, could you please add a little more of the color areas at the top so the trees are 'complete'

5 years ago