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Erika Cintulova has selected their winning logo design.

For $275 they received 116 designs from 29 different designers from around the world.

Logo Design Brief

You can, if you want!
What We Do
Erika si a yongest mayor in our country. She si 30 Search pls now and this si 3rd year mayor of small town. She si becaming very popolar because she si very hardworking, empathic, modernd minded and she hold her words. She fulfill all her promices and town is in great progress. She symboles diference oposite to typical old “serioius” politicians WHO has oblý speeches and no results.
Color Preferences
Blud, grey Red but nôt strict
Our Ideas & Additional Information
The most important is big bane acompany with logo which symbolize Erika - hard work, good ideas, heart. Maybe strict modern easy read name (Apple style) and combinatiob of handwritten logo...but this is not strict, other ideas welcome.
FB page: Erika Cintulova
Style Inspiration
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Hello, thank you for all your ideas. But I would like you to direct to my way of thinking: we need a logo with easy read name ( dominant of logo) ERIKA CINTULOVÁ and piktogram or drawing or symbol which will symbolize Erikas hard work, smart solutions and heart
6 years ago
And this is first name is little bit less important than surnane
6 years ago
Still dont have what we expect, ERIKA CINTULOVA / printed, capitals, easy readable, modern/ and symbol, piktogram or drawing by hand - symbolize hard work, Be smart, passion fór the work and or or emathy....just heart is not what We want
6 years ago
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