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Embrace has selected their winning logo design.

For $475 they received 186 designs from 36 different designers from around the world.

Logo Design Brief

United States
Building A More Inclusive Environment Today For A Better Tomorrow
What We Do
Embrace is an employee resource group within Hillrom focused on establishing a more inclusive environment for all employees.


The mission of the Embrace Resource Group is to create a lasting supportive work environment that attracts, retains, develops, and promotes Black professionals through mentorship, networking, and sponsorship opportunities. Our unique perspectives, experiences and knowledge will help the company understand business norms, market trends, and key customer information to drive success. The vision, mission, goals, policies, and activities of Embrace are fully aligned with those of Hillrom’s mission, goals, commitments, values and policies.


Build transformative partnerships and awareness that pave the road for equitable access for Black Hill-Rom employees.

Embrace will be valuable to:
(1) Provide professional development and mentorship opportunities
(2) Acts as a business partner in employer branding with diverse communities
(3) Generate recruitment ideas and broaden external partnerships
(4) Create awareness for diverse events, initiatives, concerns, and recommendations
Color Preferences
rainbow, multicolor to represent inclusion of all.
Our Ideas & Additional Information
We would like to create a logo that represents the embrace of all colors, nationality, race, religion, ect....

We like the logo with the "e" embraced by arms (attached). Potentially improve upon it and make the "E" a capital E.

May also want to explore incorporating the Hillrom corporate logo also attached.
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I’m not sure if there’s a symbol for “change”, maybe Embrace change.
2 years ago
After reviewing all of the selections, the committee feels that the rainbow colors may add confusion with LGBTQ+ organizations. Please submit a version of your logo's with different shades of brown and potentially add the color blue of the Hillrom logo within the attachments.
2 years ago
We truly thank everyone for their fabulous submissions, we wish there was enough time to leave everyone feedback. We appreciate your art and the time you've committed to submitting a logo.
2 years ago
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