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easyequipment has selected their winning logo design.

For $300 they received 253 designs from 39 different designers from around the world.
Prefers others.


Logo Designer
I felt a need to emphasize and use the 24/7 in the slogan, since 24/7 is rare on a superstore and offers a great convenience to the target consumer.

(This comment references Entry #161)
13 years ago
Hi thanks for your entries. You really have grabbed the essence.

I love #161 - would like to see some tweeks on this. I guess the hat should resemble the chefs hat, but not quite sure it looks like this as yet. Maybe a slight revision?
Like the magnifying glass.
But the arrows indicate?
And also i like the revision on the slogan.

Could you send me some alternatives with colour changes for our different websites: easyequipment.ie (green), easyequipment.fr (blue)?

Also, any other options you may think of?

I thnk the icon is great, but maybe a little too complex for us to put in catalogues or adverts? Anyway you decide.

13 years ago
Logo Designer
The icon is perfect for an ad teaser, flyer and other communication, it's not complicated for it shows a quick distinction of the chef hat and (2 arrows pointing midnight) a time element emphasizing 24/7 & big products. I would like u to know that 'am open for revision even when the contest ends. My passion is to help you achieve the brand to your liking :)

(This comment references Entry #204)
13 years ago
Logo Designer
as per your request, another thought, a simple chef hat with its opening forming as an 'e' :)

(This comment references Entry #226)
13 years ago
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