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Derrick Photography Incorporated has selected their winning logo design.

For $250 they received 160 designs from 29 different designers from around the world.

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Beachmont Design


Prefers others.
Prefers others.
Prefers others.
Prefers others.


Entry #9: Like the idea of incorporating "FOTOMKR" into the logo, but not the way is shown. Looks like it was a mistake where it is.. The intersection of the circles is too simplistic.

Entry #6: Like the idea of DP in the background. DPI is a photographic term meaning "dots per inch". If the background had DPI, would it draw more attention.

Entry #4: is better than Entry #9, but does still does not give a memorable logo for the customers to recognize

Entry $3: Dislike it more than any of the presentations. Cannot relate it to anything. Eyes go everywhere.
14 years ago
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