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Crazy Green has selected their winning logo design.

For $300 they received 180 designs from 35 different designers from around the world.


Prefers others.
Prefers others.
Prefers others.
Prefers others.
Prefers others.


Very simple and clean. I really like it for that. Can we incorporate blue? Perhaps Crazy goes blue OR it becomes a color element in the icon. Water is a message just like green is so any wave or something blue is good. Also, we will need to see a version with go and .com to keep it in the final as we are going to market with the web info attached but once they are on the site it will just be the name. Thanks so much. Tom.
15 years ago
#32 This looks great. I'm moving up for sure. I just need to see how we are going to handle .com and go

THANKS for the quick turn. Tom.
15 years ago
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