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CavalryOps has selected their winning logo design.

For $475 they received 306 designs from 52 different designers from around the world.

Logo Design Brief

United States
Operational Reinforcements
What We Do
We provide HR, payroll and medical billing services for behavioral health facilities. We are the outsourced operations team for these addiction recovery centers.
Color Preferences
The main colors we'd like to see are:

However, we also have secondary colors that can be used at your discretion:
Our Ideas & Additional Information
Because the company name is Cavalry, we want to take inspiration from the United States Cavalry represented in the early wars.

We think the logo could work best with a horse represented in it. Maybe it's just the head of the horse or maybe it's a horse that appears to be moving to the side (left or right) or at a 45 degree angle. Adding a rider or a pole/flag are optional.

The logo could also include the letters "C" and "O" for the company name (Cavalry Ops) or it could be spelled out.

We still want to give you the freedom to interpret what Cavalry means to you while taking inspiration from the United States Cavalry.

Do not use the Rook from chess. No shields.
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Thank you everyone for the submissions thus far. We continue to review them and make notes for final selections.
Probably the biggest suggestion thus far is with the company name. Make sure that Calvary and Ops can be read as two words. Whether you use colors, capitalizing first letters, or other sizing to help with that is up to you. Making both words the same color and size only make it hard to read what it says.
1 year ago
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